You want to make a difference in your time here on the planet.

You’re strong. You’re smart. You've worked hard, and have given of yourself passionately.

But that’s no longer enough, because right now you need a new way of being. You need to untie your soul and give it room to play, so that you can step out in a more vulnerable, authentic way. 

You know that this time, your outsides are going to match your insides. Your practical choices are going to line up with the deepest call of your soul, even if that means giving up some old ways of being, some old relationships, that don't fit any more. You’ve decided you want to be brave.

I provide that space where that tender part of you can peek through and show her true strength and beauty.

Scared? That’s OK, because I know how to get you there.

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The coaching relationship with me is meant to be a spacious process. We like to begin with a one-year relationship so that your big, brave, loving changes have time to sink in and become natural. We move at a gentle pace, so that your internal changes feel natural, firm and lasting. We can talk monthly, or more often, depending on the breadth, depth and urgency of your new awareness and action.

The opening package includes ten voice-to-voice sessions that last about an hour each, with email support, laser-coaching sessions and resources as needed in between.

Most people think that their changes are so insurmountable and complex that it will take ages to get there. And then, after the first few sessions, they have made such wonderful internal shifts that their initial goals look realistic. Toward the end, we maintain new ways to live out your identity and purpose in everyday situations. You learn to show up and live brave as a way of life.

This VIP coaching package is now the ONLY way to have a one-to-one relationship with me, and it's an investment in your lasting growth. 

Yes, I'm definitely in! I'm interested. Let's talk, so I can find out more.

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Christi Byerly, MCC - founder and CEO

Married to Ben, a mom of three teens and young adults. I live in Alsace on the French, Swiss, and German borders.

I have lived in the United States, Belgium, France, Kenya, Italy, Liberia, and the Ivory Coast. Being a coach since 2010, my clients come from every continent on the globe.

I've often been the only woman in the room, with leadership roles in the nuclear energy industry. Many of my close relatives and friends identify as gender-neutral, autistic, or with ADHD, and we love our spectrumy community. I've been the only American or the only white person in the room more often than not over the past two decades.

My coaching process motivates you to build a community of empathy and grace around you — and to live your mission as part of something bigger than you are. My strengths include, rising strong after a setback, building communities in new places, forgiveness work, and spiritual/practical alignment.