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A Taste of The Awaken Coach Institute Professional Coach Certification Program!

This is your chance to learn about current coaching techniques and must-have competencies to become an extraordinary coach. 

In this three-part series your facilitator, Christi Byerly, reveals her own process and coaching best practices.

These classes are plucked from the 16-week certification program, and you can access them 100% FREE! 




Within this course are seven mistakes humans make that keep them miserable not only at home, but stressed in all of life.

These mistakes keep them from fulfilling relationships and from the joy and freedom of being their true selves. 

Each lesson of this course offers you the recipe for correcting those mistakes so that you can get your life back on track.


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Weekly Journal Course

If you're interested in creating a true community, join us for this 40-week journaling course.

In it, we'll explore the key principles of community building, and you can find the strength within yourself to grow into a more loving, trustworthy and impactful person.

Your journal entries are private, and you can interact with me along the way. 

By taking this course you're entitled to a free coaching session with me, make sure to get in touch to book a call.




Make Room For Stillness

"If I am willing to sit in the stillness with myself, I always know what to do. The answers are as close as my breath and as steady as my heartbeat... The more consistently, bravely and precisely I follow the inner Knowing, the more precise and beautiful my outer life becomes."
Glennon Doyle - Untamed

You will receive these prompts weekly directly in your inbox as a nudge toward finding the stillness you want and need each day. I'd love to hear from you as you strike gold!


Loving Biography Meditation

See yourself from the eyes of unconditional love as you write your life's story.