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Group Coaching

Beloved Community Program

You are longing for a deep and profound spiritual and practical experience with a very select group from around the world. This group of only 5 participants builds a community cocoon together, starting with a kick-off spiritual retreat deep in pilgrimage territory in Spain. Then, meeting together virtually, we hold each other in sacred space for a year of silence, walking, creativity and action.

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Daring Greatly™ or  Rising Strong™ 

You want to start this work in the company of others on a brave journey. We gather a group of people in your community who are on the same journey--trust me, they are out there! We learn courage-building skill sets based on the research of Brené Brown. We choose the Daring Way™or Rising Strong™ to jump-start your path of vulnerability and strength. 

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Corporate Coaching

Dare to Lead™ Workshops

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Executive Coaching

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Team Coaching

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Coach Approach

Can hopelessness be creative?

Some people think coaches are overly optimistic, always focusing on the bright side and not willing to take a hard look at challenges. But you know that at Awaken, we model coaching skills that really help with overcoming obstacles, getting creative, and trying something new and brave. It takes a powerful love that's refreshing, strengthening, and invigorating. 

Drawing on the work of Steven Hayes, one approach is to develop "Creative Hopelessness". A core tenet of coaching states, "if what you…

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The freeze frame technique for getting unstuck

If you're like me, sometimes you get stuck in ruminating - having the same thoughts and feelings stuck on repeat with no movement or positive action. It's exhausting. The brain seems to have a mind of its own, quickly taking you on a path to nowhere.  

Wouldn't it be fun if you could get back in charge of yourself? 

The Freeze Frame® technique, developed by the HearthMath Institute, gives you a chance to find more efficient options and resolve problems and conflicts that may be depleting your en…

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What kind of squirrel are you?

Our friends the squirrels go through some distinct seasons.

Those that live in northern climates know just when it's time to start stockpiling for the cold winter months. They remind us that it's good and right to think and plan ahead and to conserve an investment of energy and calories for times when those are less abundant in the natural way of things.

For humans, this includes choosing what nourishes and sustains us long-term, through the cycles of life. It includes trusting that more goodn…

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Boundaries in or boundaries out?

Skin is beautiful: the largest organ in the body with astonishing sensory abilities. I was recently at the beach on the Kenyan coast, reveling in the soft, white sand, enjoying the warmth of the sun, the breeze on my face, and the refreshment of a saltwater pool. My skin made all of those gorgeous sensations possible.

Skin protects: I added protection to the skin on my feet by wearing my Tevas when walking in places with coral and sea urchins. I protected the skin on my face and arms by wearing…

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Do I hold on or let go?

Holding Close and Setting Free as a Way of Living

"Holding close and setting free is not a common concept. Most people tend to think in terms of “holding on” or “letting go”—choosing one or the other. The idea of holding something or someone close and, at the same time, setting them free—two gestures becoming one—opens a new world of possibilities.

For me, holding close and setting free has become a beautiful and grace-filled way of living. I believe that the highest form of relationship—wheth…

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What if I don't feel like paying it forward?

Sometimes people get a little tired of helping the world. Fears, limitations, uncertainty, or just plain old fatigue might hold us back. What if you have a mortgage payment to make, kids to take care of, aging parents, responsibilities galore, and you think that only those with unlimited funding or free time can do the difference-making work?

And yet, don't you love to be around people who love being alive, who love what's happening at the moment, and who just enjoy themselves? And even bette…

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