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Awaken Coach Institute exists to make the world a braver and more loving place. We train coaches to listen at depth, to awaken to the power of their own presence, and to be more loving than they've ever been before.

Awaken Coach Institute is recognized as an

Approved Coach Specific Training Hour provider.  

Completion of the Coach Certification Course provides you with a certificate for all the training hours you need for your ICF credential. 










At some point, you no longer have a choice. A deep soul change is a must. The comfortable tribe you’ve known in your life seem satisfied with the status quo, but you’ve been called on a journey to a new spirituality that breaks through to your day-to-day life.

There’s too much poverty, heart-ache, power imbalance, racism and injustices of all kinds to sit by in a realm of personal peacefulness. And yet, you know that personal peacefulness is the starting point to living a bigger life. 

Do you want joy and inner peace?

Yes! A big part of you wants to bask in that inner, peaceful glow of true, inner knowing and unity with a higher power much more often. You want to move beyond the constant complaints and worries in your head, and connect with the divine.

Do you want action and impact and movement?

Yes! Another part of you wants action. There’s this energy, anger and passion that’s been bottled up and that needs to come alive. You need to see practical change.

Can you have both? 

Kumbaya alone is not going to cut it. You don’t want to be so heavenly-minded that you’re no earthly good. 

Taking scattershot, ill-defined action isn’t going to cut it, either. Ranting on social media and sending occasional money to someone’s cause is just getting frustrating.

What you want is a true spirituality that is practical. You want that grounded, solid inner knowing of what’s good and true, and you want your spirituality to make a lasting impact that’s tangible. 

Is that crazy?

But it feels like a huge risk. If you show up bravely, what will happen? Will you be rejected by the people you love? Will they get it or will they think you’re nuts? When you put your ideas out there, the haters are ready to attack. The polarization is real. Even family, your faith community, and friends you’ve known for years are potentially going to have strong opinions and stick you in the outsiders’ camp. Yikes!

But the old way of thinking and living isn’t working any more. The high ideals that made sense when you were younger no longer match up with what you now see. You know that any lovely idea that does not engage the body, the heart, the physical world, and the people around you not only be pie in the sky, but may actually be harmful. 

So, what’s your choice?

Will you choose to become clear about what really matters to you? Will you choose your values thoughtfully? Will you spend the time in silence with the Divine to know who you are and what is yours to do? How will you find like-minded people when it gets rough? And then, will you take action? Are you ready to start feeling fully integrated and alive?

This is where I come in. 

I help you get clear. I help you commit to the spiritual practices that feed you. I help you connect to like-minded people. I help you build the courage of your ideals within the safety net of a community that will give you that cocoon you need to do all the messy work of developing your wing strength. And I help you choose your next right actions. When we’re through, you’ll be feeling more brave, fierce, alive and active than ever before.

The good news?

Courage is contagious. When you do it, you’ll be part of a movement where others are more brave and loving, too. My life purpose is to create communities of grace for you to live your bravest self along with others.



One-on-One VIP Coaching

We start by finding out who you are and what you're here for. We look at every aspect of your life and see what needs changing for you to come fully alive. Then, we get deep and we get moving. I'm your cocoon while you build the next stage of your wild and beautiful life.

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ICF Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is for coaches seeking their ACC or PCC credential with the ICF.

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Courage-building Workshops for Groups and Teams

You want to start this work in the company of others on a brave journey. We gather a group of people in your community who are on the same journey--trust me, they are out there! We learn courage-building skill sets based on the research of Brené Brown. We choose the Daring Way™or Rising Strong™ to jump-start your path of vulnerability and strength. For corporate teams, we choose Dare to Lead™.

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Beloved Community Program

You are longing for a deep and profound spiritual and practical experience with a very select group from around the world. This group of only 5 participants builds a community cocoon together, starting with a kick-off spiritual retreat deep in pilgrimage territory in the south of France. Then, meeting together virtually, we hold each other in sacred space for a year of silence, walking, creativity and action.

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I help you find your true place in the world, and I partner with The Market Project to help others find their place.

Just as I want to see you thriving and living your purpose, I want to see men and women in vulnerable places find hope through safe, dignity-affirming, healing work.

When we truly believe that God is on the side of justice, then we actively take part in work that makes a difference.

The Market Project creates profitable businesses that offer stable jobs and support healing for survivors of trauma, exploitation, and trafficking. I would love for you to join forces with me and The Market Project to make this a reality.  

How did I choose The Market Project, among the many worthy causes out there? Two reasons:

1)  I lived for 11 years in Kenya, and I understand some of the trauma and financial dynamics there. I can see that The Market Project is smart and strategic, and that the money gets directly to the destination to make a difference.

2)  I trust the board, having known Eleanor Nagy and her personal commitment to love and justice.

For every ten hours of coaching I do with you, I offer a pro-bono hour of coaching to The Market Project. I’m so excited about the jobs being created at the Nguvu Dairy. 

Partner with us to help men and women find hope and flourishing through safe, dignity-affirming and healing work. The Market Project is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and your financial contributions are tax deductible.

Click HERE to join me in making a difference. Browse the website. Then give only if you feel 100% inspired to give.