Monthly Movement: Hatha Yoga with Grace Remington

Our June movement practice is a Hatha Yoga session, hosted by Grace Remington.

Hatha yoga utilizes physical poses combined with deep breathing to achieve a more energized and relaxed state. Hatha is distinct from vinyasa yoga (a constant moving flow of poses) because of the brief, static time spent in the pose before moving onto the next pose. In yoga, the full expression of any pose is less important than the awareness you bring to your body, mind, and breath in attempting the pose.

After energizing and relaxing your body, mind, and spirit, you are in an ideal state to meditate because you are awake enough to be aware of your thoughts but relaxed enough for the thoughts to be fewer and move more slowly.  We will maximize this exact state of being during a guided visualization meditation.

Grace has been practicing yoga for fifteen years and received her yoga teacher certification from the Flow Yoga Center in Washington, DC.  She teaches private lessons and group classes of yoga, barre, and meditation to U.S. government employees

hatha yoga june movement