The Work’ For Coaches with Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Do you sometimes wonder if your clients will ever move beyond their limiting stories? 

If you notice some of your coaching clients are stuck in stories that don’t serve them, and you’re wanting a powerful tool for unravelling those stories, this workshop is for you.

We'll be joined by Corrina Gordon-Barnes PCC who will introduce you to a wildly effective question-asking, perspective-shifting methodology called The Work of Byron Katie. 

This process of “inquiry” gets quickly to the root of what’s keeping a person stuck or suffering. It can be applied when working with a client’s personal or professional life.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned coach, this is a tool to pull out of your toolkit when you want to dig in deeper and help your clients get somewhere new. Think of it as another gear to get you up certain hills or down into different valleys.

The Work is an approach that helps get the job of transformation done. It’s highly structured and offers the relief of order and simplicity when working with messy human experiences. It offers a clear, solid path to lead your clients (and you) somewhere profound.

Key Workshop Takeaways

  • You will leave with an understanding of the Scene and Soundtrack – a way of quickly separating out reality from our thoughts about reality
  • You will learn how to help your clients identify the thoughts that are causing their suffering, and then how to systematically question those thoughts most effectively
  • This is personal development for YOU as a coach, too – be prepared to experience breakthroughs with regard to your own challenging situations!

ICF Credits

If you are working towards attaining or maintaining your ICF credential, when you complete this workshop you will receive a certificate for 90 minutes of Resource Development.


About Your Host

Corrina Gordon-Barnes is a Professional Certified Coach with 18 years one-to-one coaching experience. Trained with CTI, she specialises in executive and leadership coaching. Often, clients are looking to improve their interpersonal relationships, increase in confidence, and have tricky conversations. Having trained with Byron Katie in her methodology “The Work”, Corrina finds this a fast route to get to the bottom of what is really going on.  She loves giving coaches access to this methodology so that they can upskill their coaching, as well as benefit from the transformative approach themselves.

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