Coaching Supervision VIP

One year of coaching supervision with Christi Byerly, MCC

Over the course of this year-long process, you will receive 10 hours of private coaching supervision and unlimited email contact with Christi Byerly, MCC to:

Learn about WHO you are as a human being and a coach. 

Which helps you discover HOW you work at your best,

so you can do WHAT you do from a place of personal awareness, values, heart, and flow.

You will gain:

  • 10 hours of ICF Continuing Professional Development toward your next credential
  • finely-honed coaching skills to meet industry standards & expectations, including new tools and interventions
  • mutual trust, safety & respect with me and with your clients
  • personal and professional insights from clear, reflective learning and practice cycles
  • increased awareness of wider contexts, working alliances, systems & contracting
  • new perspectives into your own processes, emotions, thoughts, transference, and pattern blind spots
  • new, deeper, and wider perspectives
  • an expanding ethical maturity to handle dilemmas, difficulties & doubts
  • resourcefulness, resilience, confidence & well being
  • your own ‘inner supervisor’
  • constructive feedback & feedforward
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