Executive and Workplace Coaching 

The higher a leader rises in a company, the more lonely it can become. This can make it difficult to hear and honestly reflect on other points of view. Executive coaching gives senior leaders the opportunity to be given feedback and to grow on all levels, enabling them to find the right work-life balance and attain higher overall life satisfaction.

Executive development is often overlooked. And success increasingly depends on innovation, entrepreneurship and developing soft skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence and collaboration in order to lift employee engagement and boost performance.

And the most progressive companies are offering coaching at all levels of the organization. New recruits benefit from a "first 90-days" boost. New line managers appreciate the support coaches offer as they enter into people management for the first time. Talented employees can offer so much more when they have time to think through the bigger picture with their coach. It's a true democratization of coaching for the smartest teams.

I'm interested. Let's talk, so I can find out more.

Meet Our Executive and Workplace Coaches

Christi Byerly, MCC

Christi's coaching process motivates you to build a community of empathy and grace around you — and to live your mission as part of something bigger than you are. She coaches executives, line managers, talent, and new recruits.

Christi has trained hundreds of new coaches in French and English since 2014 and has mentored dozens of coaches-in-training. She maintains a thriving coaching practice and has been coaching professionally since 2009, after graduating from the International Coach Academy. 

Christi holds a Master NLP certificate, as well as certifications in spiritual direction, group coaching, depth coaching, Enneagram work and mentor coaching. She is a Certified Daring WayTM Facilitator.

Married to Ben, she is the mom of three young adults and lives in Alsace on the French, Swiss, German borders.

Christi lived in the United States, Belgium, France, Kenya, Liberia, and the Ivory Coast. A coach since 2010, her clients come from every continent on the globe.


  • ICF - Master Certified Coach®
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • ORSC™ - Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching
  • Spiritual Accompaniment and Enneagram Certified
  • Certified Daring Greatly™ and Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator
  • Degrees in Communications and French

Valeyne Grotrian, PCC

Valeyne is a Leadership & Career Coach with over 15 years of experience in business operations and human resources leadership roles within Fortune 100 and small to mid-size organizations across 6 industries. Valeyne founded Agora Coaching & Training Solutions to support growth-oriented corporate leaders, middle managers and rock-star individual contributors to reach new levels of personal & professional growth.

Valeyne holds the PCC credential through the ICF and is a 2012 graduate of International Coach Academy, a 2021 graduate of Awaken Coach Institute and holds a Psychology of Leadership Certification through eCornell University, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator certification and is a Certified CliftonStrengths Coach through the Gallup organization. 

Based in the greater Chicagoland area, Valeyne is a pilot’s wife and dog mom to 2 labrador fur babies. They all enjoy adventurous time outdoors together whether it be at the beach or mountains. 


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®
  • Certified Coach through Gallup 
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified Practitioner
  • Psychology of Leadership Certification through eCornell University

Camilla Cesari, PCC

Camilla is an experienced leadership and executive coach and facilitator who works with mid-senior managers, leaders and executives. She holds an MBA with the University of Adelaide and has a background in economics and tax law. Her diverse life and work experiences both as a freelance, a professional and a manager in a multinational company give her many insights on the challenges coming with life and work transitions.

Her areas of expertise include management training in coaching competencies, social and emotional intelligence, work-life balance,
communication, strengths awareness and management, executive team cohesion development and resilience.

Camilla coaches in English, Spanish, Italian and French, with more than 2,500 coaching hours, including executive coaching, small group
coaching and team coaching. She has worked worldwide with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams in global organisations, small businesses and professionals. She also works as mentor coach for
coaches. She lives in Bologna, Italy.


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®
  • ORSC™ - Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching
  • ICF Mentor Coach®
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 Certified

Corrina Gordon-Barnes, CPCC / ACC

Corrina makes relationships easier. She's a Certified Co-Active Coach, trainer and facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

Other people can be hard work. Difference can be... difficult. In our professional lives, we're often interacting with people we wouldn't otherwise choose to be in close quarters with. Team
members don't collaborate as productively as possible. Subtle friction or explicit conflict mean organisations aren't achieving personal or collective goals as swiftly as they could.

Corrina coaches clients to interrogate their assumptions and see situations and other people from different perspectives. Difference (a.k.a. diversity) is no longer a frustration and instead
becomes an asset, adding texture to a team. Colleagues with different backgrounds, values, cultures and come-froms find their ideas being valued and included.


  • ICF - Associate Certified Coach®

Adé Adéniji, ICF / MCIPD / CDTLF / CDWF

Adé Adéniji is a certified coach, group facilitator and accredited mediator.

He is also a certified Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ facilitator.

These combinations allow Adé to hold the space for difficult conversation and to walk with individuals, groups, teams and organisations, in shifting any limiting perceptions, discovering
infinite possibilities and releasing their optimal potential.


  • Certified Daring Greatly™ and Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator

Kevin Mascarenhas

Kevin holds a diploma in Transformational Coaching.

He brings exquisite listening, challenge and focus to serve his clients.

His approach to coaching is a journey of emergence and within this, clients find a safe space to allow thoughts and feelings to
arise and find voice.

It really is surprising what can be uncovered and transformed from this place.


  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Andrew Simpson, PCC

Andrew is an internal leadership coach and organization development practitioner with World Vision, with 30 years of experience. He established Rising Sun Coaching, LLC with his wife and co-coach Sharon.

Andrew is passionate about walking with non-profit, corporate and ministry clients to gain clarity, confidence, courage and momentum towards a bright and fruitful future. In coaching
leaders, he integrates the Leadership Circle Profile 360 to inform leadership growth and team building.

Proficient in French and Wolof (Sénégal), Andrew holds a Bachelors in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a Masters in Organization Development from American
University. Having completed a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown, he is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and an ICF Registered Mentor Coach.

Based in Washington, D.C. he is the father of two teenage sons and actively involved with a local church. He loves capturing the sunrise in poetry and photography.


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 Certified

Heather King, PCC

Heather completed her training at the International Coach Academy in 2012 and is an ICF
Professional Certified Coach. She is passionate about life-coaching because she believes it has the potential to help people thrive and live lives that are deeply fulfilling and meaningful.

One of her core values, as a coach, is to support and come alongside her clients as they align their lives with what they truly value. She specializes in helping clients who struggle with time management.

Heather also has a Master’s in Social Work and is bilingual in English and Spanish. She lives in PA with her husband and three teenage boys. She loves to read, hike in the mountains,
play volleyball, and drink a good cup of strong coffee.


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®

Thomas Mundia, PCC

Thomas is a senior executive leadership coach, specializing in gender, social, moral and emotional intelligence. A professional coach since 2015, he coaches CEOs, executive and board committee members, senior leadership teams, business owners and social entrepreneurs, both as a personal and team coach in countries across Africa.

With a background in economics, Thomas holds a masters in applied philosophy and ethics. He has held senior positions in manufacturing, media, finance and NGOs.

Thomas combines coaching psychology with psychometric assessments to help his clients find their underlying drivers, move through their blocks, and achieve their goals. His creative tools, exercises, and African proverbs offer deeper awareness.

He's adventurous, creative, and curious. With his wife Hedaya, Thomas heads the thriving Pied Pipers Services, Ltd.


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®
  • Master in Applied Philosophy and Ethics
  • Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach (USA)
  • Advanced Professional Skills Training (The Performance Solution, UK)
  • LPI TPMA Certified Trainer (IFC, UK)
  • Clarity 4D Certified Accreditor & Business partner (UK)

Grace Remington, ACC

Grace is a leadership and well-being coach who is passionate about empowering others to live whole and resilient lives. She graduated from George Mason University's Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program and has worked with a variety of clients, including military leaders, fighter pilots, federal government and private sector managers, men and women experiencing mid-life transition, and new parents.

For the past eight years, Grace has worked as an immigration law professional in the federal government, holding positions in DC, California, and abroad. She is a yoga, barre, and meditation instructor, a lifelong vegetarian, and an international travel enthusiast. She lives in Washington, United States.


  • ICF - Associate Certified Coach®