What those four red dots mean to me

Have I mentioned lately that you mean a lot to me? Being here together with you in our community brings a big smile to my face. 

I don't know if you've taken the time to peruse the Awaken Coach Institute logo, but you're within it! 

You might have noticed the vibrant, peaceful, joyful blue that makes up the roots, trunk and branches of our tree of life.

This tree is a powerful symbol that reminds me of the moment when I was 28 years old. I was awake in the night, depressed and consumed with a feeling of helplessness after a miscarriage when my husband asked me the question, "Who is God to you?"

My answer came as an immediate visual - a wide, deep, free-flowing River of Life. This river was so vast, so constant, so available - with plenty for all. 

And then my husband's next question was, "Then why aren't you drinking?" 

In my mind's eye, I rushed down to that River, lying full-body flat on my stomach, inhaling gulps of that life-giving stream until I was satisfied. I suddenly knew in that instant that I was fully chosen for life, for goodness, for blessing. Just as you are. 

And so instead of keeping my distance from the stream, I chose to become like a tree planted by that source of water. A tree that grows strong, solid, and prosperous, with deep roots. 

The most beautiful part of the tree is the glorious fruits that grow high in the branches, soaking up the water and enjoying the sunshine. Each of these lovelies is filled with seeds. Whole trees inside, just waiting to sprout and grow and become orchards upon orchards. 

Each root, each seed, each fruit, each branch is part of the abundance of life that connects us. 

Where do you see yourself in that imagery? 

With great love, 


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