What kind of squirrel are you?

Our friends the squirrels go through some distinct seasons.

Those that live in northern climates know just when it's time to start stockpiling for the cold winter months. They remind us that it's good and right to think and plan ahead and to conserve an investment of energy and calories for times when those are less abundant in the natural way of things.

For humans, this includes choosing what nourishes and sustains us long-term, through the cycles of life. It includes trusting that more goodness is in store, even when times are hard.

Saving up for a rainy day is not all that squirrels do, though. They are curious, playful, and excited; they love jumping around and creating mischief. Adventurous and up for a challenge, they use their lively creativity to defy the most rigorous efforts to defend against their presence.

Joy, gratitude, fun, play, enjoyment, and savoring the moment's goodness serve humans well over time. Our inner jokester and the full energy of our laughter can come alive at appropriate times

Whether you're in a phase of high energy and excitement, or in a season of rest and recovery - know that you're in the right place. 

How will you partner with your body's natural seasons and rhythms to sync your energy flow? 

With great love, 

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