Peace and a pair of scissors

I just had the most beautiful, presence-filled conversation with a coaching colleague, Joan Leteipa, who was describing her spiritual journey and how she feels while coaching. 

Visualizing the analogy of a pair of scissors, she brought out a real pair to illustrate each point. 

So much of the time we live in the drama of the “muscle end” of the scissors. That space where the thumb and fingers are set through those two large holes. Working so hard. Endlessly and vigorously moving the muscles and getting a worn-out hand. 

At some point, when exhaustion sets in, we realize that the most beautiful and effective place to be is at the small bolt or pin that fixes the pair of scissors together at the center. 

In this space, despite all the muscle movements on one end, and the smooth slicing motion on the other end, there is complete peace and stillness. 

Without this bolt, neither the muscle end nor the slicing end of a pair of scissors is effective or useful to anyone. Without this bolt, the pair of scissors would just be two half-pairs, which is no pairing at all.

Staying in the center, in this bolt that holds it all together, is like being in the presence of Christ for Joan, which is also known as coaching presence. It’s a place of calm and connection, where vision, choice, smooth motion, and opportunity become possible.

The good news is that when as coaches we choose to stay at the center, in the presence of Love, there is plenty of space for our clients to join us there. 

In order for the scissors to work, someone must be holding them, doing the muscle work. And this someone is not you in your own power. As Joan described it, the one holding the scissors is God, otherwise known in coaching as “What’s Wanting to Happen”. When this divine force is given full sway, suddenly the burden is light. 

When you choose to stay at the fulcrum of peace, allowing What’s Wanting to Happen to guide you, the slicing happens naturally. Both the sharp blade and the dull blade work together to move smoothly through the cloth. The pair comes together in beautiful energy and synergy that allows a new shape for a new garment to appear.

When have you last experienced the peace and stillness at the center? What is wanting to happen in the fabric of your life?

With great love, 


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