Let's dance!

Coaches are so fun and creative. That's our job - to walk with people who are stuck in small, limited ways of thinking about themselves and what's possible to be able to live fully and joyfully.

That's not always easy to do with our puny, little words. So we like to have a whole range of fun, lighthearted learning,  and growing tools available to shake things up a little. 

You can use some of these tools, too, the next time you're feeling stagnant, unsure, turbulent, stuck, or just not as focused and purpose-filled as you'd like to be. By yourself or with a team.

  1. Visualization: try some daydreaming. Let your mind freely float off into magical worlds, just like your teachers didn't allow you to do in school ;-)  What would your life be like if you were just the way you want to be. Create a scene filled with vibrant color, sounds, feelings, motions, even scents, and tastes. Place yourself in the center of this movie scene so that the imagery is all around, above and below you. How do you feel? How motivated are you to be here? What would need to change?

  2. Drawing: by yourself or with your team at work or your family, instead of endlessly talking or arguing, try picking up some crayons or markers. Something about playing with right-brain metaphoric images brings strategy, logic, clear decision-making, and an ability to focus in ways that your left-brain, word-based logic can't. What does this moment in time look like to each one of you? If you could move something in the drawing, what and where? 

  3. Theater: if you're having trouble understanding one another, ask each conversation partner to provide an object that represents what they want or how they feel. Just look around the house and pick something up that helps you describe more concretely what's going on. See how much more insight comes.  

  4. Music: dulcet notes can be so soothing when you find just the rhythms that match how you're feeling. Music can help you have that much-needed flow of tears. Or the vigor and motivation to do the hard thing. Or the background tones that support your brain function to focus on a task that requires concentration. When I host Daring GreatlyTM groups, one of our final activities is to share our Brave Anthems with one another. Knowing which pieces of music make us tick can help us know one another better, and remind us of how courageous we can be.

  5. Dance: Move your body! I love to host webinars on all these fun and helpful coaching concepts. And I do get an adrenaline rush when hundreds of people are showing up, and there's technology involved. So, our whole Awaken team always has a 2-minute dance party just before joining the crowd. Dancing gets the jitters out, reminds the brain of what's possible and important, loosens things up, and gets plenty of endorphins flowing. You can use your body to get into the state you want to be in for any situation. What happens when you put your hands up and get some movement in your hips and shoulders? Try it before your next big conversation!

I'm up for a dance party ANY TIME! Just call. I have mini dance parties between each client call. It's like the taste of sorbet in a fine French restaurant between courses. It cleanses the palate so that the full flavor of the next conversation can come rushing purely in. 

Which one of these coaching tools will you try in your next moment of inspiration? 

With great love, 


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