Application for the Awaken Coach Institute All-In-One Coach Certification Program - Watamu 2023

In the All-In-One Coach Certification Program, we go to a deep level where you come out transformed, your relationships are transformed, and your ability to lead is transformed.

So we're looking ONLY for people who are willing to invest in changing their lives and changing the world to make it a more loving place.

Each of you is hand-chosen for your commitment to love and courage.

Don't sign up for the certification just because yes, you would love to have valuable coaching skills and a great-looking CV.

Only apply if you want to experience in your bones what it's like to be able to love people well and to be courageous in what you believe in.

This course is a real investment, and we will accept only those applicants who can respond with a resounding YES. 


Full Name




Country of residence


Are you committed to loving each person in the program - exactly the way they are right now?


Will you refrain from trying to fix, change or proselytize to anyone else in the course?


Are you saying YES to becoming a more brave, loving person in the world?


Are you saying YES to more kindness in your leadership at work, and at home, and to growing in love for yourself?


Are you willing to invest in changing your life and in making the world a more loving place?


When you imagine yourself joining the course, what are the most important contributions you see yourself making to the community?


When you imagine yourself joining the course, what are the most important results that you imagine yourself getting?


Have you carefully read through all of the information provided here:


Are you willing to make the financial investment that is required to go through the course?


Are you aware that you are responsible for your own travel to and from the program location, and for your own travel, health and cancellation insurance?


What makes a coaching certification important to you right now?


What aspects of the Coach Certification Program at Awaken Coach Institute are most appealing to you?


What aspect of Awaken Coach Institute attracted you to apply for this program?


How did you find out about us?


If you were referred by an Awaken Coach Institute faculty member, student, or VIP coaching client, please enter the name below:


What else feels important for you to share to complete your application for the program?