Grief to Growth Live with Jenny Dilts

Grief is a universal component of life. Everyone, at some point and in some way, will be touched by grief. So what do you do when it comes?

As coaches, we’re not only dealing with our own grief, but with our clients’ as well. This could lead to messy and uncomfortable sessions that that we may want to avoid or smooth over. However, that may might not be the most beneficial for our clients.

Grief to Growth Live teaches spiritual and heart-centered leaders a simple pattern for navigating grief whether in their own lives, or the lives of those they serve. 

In this workshop with Certified Grief Coach Jenny Dilts, you will learn the 3 step process she used to build a better relationship with grief in one of her hardest personal experiences.

You will also learn how Jenny got started as a grief coach, some of the things that keep us stuck in our grief, and how we can create more brave spaces when it comes to grief.

Key Workshop Takeaways

  • A better understanding of grief and how to help others in this space.
  • A simple 3-step pattern to use in our own grief experiences and that of our clients.
  • Understand obstacles and beliefs that keep us stuck in our grief
  • Leave equipped with some practical ways to create more grief-friendly spaces in our communities

ICF Credits

If you are working towards attaining or maintaining your ICF credential, when you complete this workshop you will receive a certificate for 90 minutes of Resource Development.

A Message From Your Workshop Host

My name is Jenny Dilts and I LOVE grief. And I know that not many people do. My core purpose is to journey with my fellow life-travelers in loving and respectful connection. As Ram Dass teaches, "We're all just walking each other home." And because of what I've learned along the way, my hope, desire, delight is to help others see that there can be light and beauty in the dark and heavy times of our lives.

Trained through the ICF credentialed program Coaching at End of Life I have learned to bring a more positive and compassionate perspective of grief into my own life, that of my clients, and then extending to my family, community, and the world. I love connecting with spiritual heart-centered community leaders and helping them build a better relationship with grief. I also host the podcast Share Your Story: Converting Grief Into Growth.

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